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Precious Grady I had the great opportunity to take newborn pictures for this precious 14 day old! Let me tell you.....he wanted NOTHING to do with sleeping....when he DID fall asleep, he wasn't asleep for long. He sure did love cuddling with mommy and daddy though! When they were in the picture, he was so content. Thank you so much to Grady's mommy and daddy for letting me take his newborn photos for you! 


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I want to hear from you! What kinds of things do YOU, as clients, want to see from me?? I have had SEVERAL clients asking me to do some sort of contest/giveaway, but honestly......I am stumped! I have already done a Cutest Kid's Contest, Funniest Face Contest, Cutest Pet, and Cutest Couple....SOOOOO, what ideas do YOU have? Comment here or send me a message on Facebook or to with your ideas. If I end up using your idea, you will get a surprise of your own!! 


I also wanted to put out there that I am looking for old barn wood, doors, board that I can use as backdrops, floordrops, etc. If you or anyone you know has any of these available for free or at a low cost please let me know. I am always looking for "antique-y" looking things....chairs, crates, furniture, etc. so please keep me in mind if you see anything! 


This weather is AMAZING and therefore my schedule is filling up fast! Along with the TEN (yes I said TEN, I'm so excited) weddings I have this year, I have already booked many children, families, maternity, etc sessions so I am filling up! Keep in mind I do photography as a part time/weekend job. I do teach preschool full time so my time is limited and I can usually only do photo sessions on the weekends.....weekday evenings are very limited! Call me or message me soon to book your session! If you are expecting a precious little is NOT too early to contact me to set up your maternity and/or newborn pictures!!

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Trying out my new blog Welcome to Amy Liz Photography

Thank you for stopping by! This is my first attempt at a blog so bare with me! Right now I have a special going on that is good until April 15th. If you are interested, please contact me at Spots are filling up fast...not many left.


I'm going to try to continue with this blog as best I I said, I have never done one before so please bare with me! Have a wonderful week!!!

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